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Atoll transfer website was published in 2008 .The main aim of Atoll transfer is to provide  information on private and public transfers, ferry routes of Speed Boats,Seaplane,Public boats and Domestic aircrafts to the visitors to Maldives hotels.A local Company with latest updated schedules with best Knowledge. We become the first preference as we are the only website which gives comprehensive info to visitors around the world.


A complete updated guide of information about Maldives Transfer year 2020/2021


How to check price?

How to choose your transfer mode? 

 What is the average price of Maldives Transfer?

 How to buy Maldives transfer tickets?

 What is the schedule and which location does the public ferry operate?

 What is the situation of Transfer due to COVID 19 year 2020? 


Apart from Transferring we also assist in all aspects of travel services from simple Airport handling to private yacht charters, hosting private parties on private islands while handling booking, arrivals, accommodation, logistics and concierge.

Maldives Seaplane Transfer
Maldives Transfer
Maldives Super yacht Azalea Cruise (40).
Maldives Domestic Transfer

Domestic Air Transfer

Maldives Transfer 

Maldives Speed Boat

Information And Scheduled Transfer of Public Ferry 

Maldives Transport 

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