Transfer Max Guest 20
Staterooms: 4
Max Speed: 37 kn

beneteau yacht Maldives.png

Phantom 46

Transfer Max Guest 15
Price from USD 2500
Staterooms: 3
Max Speed: 30kn

yacht charter Falcon 60 Maldives (10).jp
azimut 68 maldives luxury yacht.png


Transfer Max Guest 12
Price from USD 1300
Staterooms: 2
Max Speed: 37 kn



Transfer Max Guest 8
Price from USD 2000
Staterooms: 3
Max Speed: 25kn


Transfer Max Guest 35
Price from USD 10000
Staterooms: 9
Max Speed: 13kn

Ritrella Cruise Hotel

Transfer Max Guest 60
Price from USD 10000
Staterooms: 25
Max Speed: 12kn


Transfer Max Guest 12
Price from USD 5000
Staterooms: 3
Max Speed: 20kn

Alice yacht maldives 11.jpg


Transfer Max Guest 20
Price from USD 9000
Staterooms: 12
Max Speed: 10 kn


Transfer Max Guest 24
Price from USD 11000
Staterooms: 4
Max Speed: 26kn

SeaRex_ Platform (Large).jpg


Transfer Max Guest 16
Price from USD 12000
Staterooms: 08
Max Speed: 10kn


Transfer Max Guest 20
Price from USD 4000
Staterooms: 3
Max Speed: 22kn

Luxury yacht charter and transfer Maldives 2021/2022

Atoll  Transfers offering different transfer experiences, for example, luxury yacht trips to resorts.

Do you have aerophobia? Or your international flight arriving too late to catch seaplane?

Do you like to travel by sea in comfortable vessels and enjoy the ocean view?  We can fulfill your requirements with one of our luxury yachts.

You can enjoy long hours trips to faraway destinations to island resorts. You never be bored during the trip. On our yachts, you can enjoy the live scenery of the Indian Ocean with sandbanks and small islands here and there, have nice food and drinks on the deck, observe the sunset, or starry sky under a fresh breeze.


Luxury cabins will be prepared for guests to take rest after long tiering international flights. Especially if you are traveling with the kids  - rest and calmness would be necessary.   The yacht can pick you up straight from Airport.

Once you walk through passport control and received your luggage you will meet our guide,  who will be happy to assist you to the Yacht.  A yacht Trip can be a nice option for Honeymooners to have this unforgettable trip, or for Families, it can be already an excursion because there are chances to see schools of dolphins on the way and take nice photos or videos.


Maybe you are a group of friends and you have time before departure, instead, to wait at the airport you can choose our yacht as transfer and have a few hours cruising, continue your holidays and enjoy every moment.


We like to introduce some of our Yachts for your reference.



Very cozy small yacht with 2 rooms, 4 guests, speed of 35 knots. Length 12.67m.

This Type of yacht is good for day charter, excursions around Maldives Islands, and  Sand Bank trips.




This luxury boat is the ultimate relaxation and pampering experience, good for group transfers and party events. Cruising speed 26knots,  4 rooms, overnight guests 10, length 26.3m




One of the famous yacht brands that were launched to the Maldives. This luxury boat designed

For family, honeymoon,  holidays, fishing, and cruise charter. Length 21.6m,  cruising speed 27 knots,

4 rooms, maximum guests 8.