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Atoll Transfer Terms and conditions 

Terms & Conditions


We like to keep it simple; the following points cover our general T&Cs unless otherwise stated. By ordering products on this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:


  • All Transfer is available subject to weather condition without notice.Normally small speed (6-10pax speed capacity)  boats is not ideal transfer for bad weather condition so we will arrange you a big speed boat (22 to 28 pax capacity) with extra charge, If we can't provide transfer, we make you full refund and arrange it with your resort.


  • If for any reason beyond the control of the carrier. Including but without limiting the generality of the following such as Acts of God and Bad weather, the carrier shall not have any direct liability to Atoll transfer in such event.


  • An increment of Tax by Government will be charge without notice.


  • Schedule Transfer is operating by third-party and we are not responsible for the delays and cancellations. but we guaranty your tickets will be reserve for the Transfer and if there is an cancelation we will refund you According to the policy mention.


  • We highly recommend to arrange transfer to be in airport at least 3 hrs before departure. If you want to be earlier its under your responsibility. 


  • Advance prepayment is non-refundable.  


  • No refund in a case if you decided to go by other speedboat.


  • Private speedboat is waiting for guest for 35 mins. But Flight Delays and Cancelation will provide you the transfer according to your flight time.

  • All schedule speed boats will be not refundable if cancelation of your international flights if there is a delay of flight you need to inform us in advance .







  •  The transfer modes to/from the resort islands and the duration of the transfers vary due to their respective distance to the International Airport or Male city and will be advised upon booking


  • Domestic Flight operate day and night, All Transfer of domestic flight will be depending on your international flight and normally guest will be waiting maximum of 2- 3 hours , depending of the flight operator schedule. The Transfer of domestic flight time will be given on the e-ticket.


  • Seaplanes only operate during the day from 06:00 -15:00. Guests arriving in Malé on an international flight after 15:00 will need to find their own overnight accommodation in Malé. They will be transferred to the island the following day.All seaplane Transfer departure and arrival time will be given before 24 hours. Normally schedule time is depending on your international flight time.


  • Please, note, there are no public ferries and sharing scheduled speedboats to/from resorts in Maldives only to local islands but you have chance to visit the local island and hire a private speed from local island to resort , some of the local transfer we had listed on main page booking form link here 


  • Some of listed local schedule speed boats are connecting to island , this might be 2 to 4 stop connecting speed boats.






Domestic flight 


A 25kg Free Baggage allowance will be provided for each adult and child passenger (diver/surfer).Excess baggage allowances will be charge at the following direct from airport counter price below 


1kg - USD0.7 




The standard permissible weight is 25 kg, which includes 20 kg of checked-in luggage and 5 kg of hand luggage per person. The weight for any bag should not exceed 32 kg. The per kg charge for baggage above the permissible limit is USD 4.00/- plus applicable taxes.


Speed Boat  and Ferry Boat


Private speed boat and schedule speed boat  Free Luggage allowances


  • All bookings/reservations are subject to availability.


  • reserves the right to cancel and/or fully refund purchases that may have occurred as a result of pricing, typographical, technical or other errors with website lisitng and email negotiation. 


  • Prices are determined by the respective merchants and we exercise no control over their pricing policy.




  • No refund on the middle of way to/from destination. 


  • All travel exclude Taxi, other transfer which not included in the ticket you purchase, Eq: City Taxi etc...


  • While we try and ensure that all prices and information on our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the goods you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price / information or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will mark the order as cancelled.


  • No refund for transfer cancellation before 10 days of arrival . 


Due to Covid 19 Cancellation policy 


1. For Existing Bookings confirmed to arrive at the resort before 31 May 2020;

  • We will allow to amend the dates and apply same rates as the original booking, if the new stay-period is before 23 December 2020 OR "Same Rate Period" of 2021 (i.e April 2020 booking to travel during April 2021 and May 2020 booking to travel within May 2021 to July 2021. 

  • If clients are unable to travel for a stay-period before 23 December 2020 OR “same Rate Period" of next year, we will allow cancellation without charges. 

  • In case if the amended stay is less than the originally booked duration of stay, no refund will be given for unused nights.

  • All Passengers should carry a COVID negative result for all Boat Transfers. In the case of Covid positive, The passengers is not allowed to transfer. Before booking all passengers should inform Atoll Transfer if there is a positive case or under quarantine. For all departures when boat arrives to resort if there is a case of COVID positive there will be no refund, Kindly please check with this important terms,

2. For all new bookings made from 7 April 2020 to 31 October 2020 (booking date);

  • Enjoy Free Cancellation until 3 days to arrival, for stay-period from now until 31 October 2021(excluding blackout dates) 

  • Blackout Dates: 24 December 2020 to 7 January 2021.

Any further updates with the change of present situation will be communicated to you accordingly.





Refund Process


All purchase tickets has a due date of refund which is 30 days of departure or arrival date on the ticket mentioned. After 15 days if there is no submission of refund form we will be counting as a no show.


Domestic flight Bookings 


For any cancellation of seats made after purchasing will charge USD50 per ticket. and money Transfer charge 15%. Refunding the balance amount will take minimum 20 days. for any ticket refund, a refund application form which can be download from the website need to be filled and forwarded to the email with all relevant documents.


Seaplane Bookings


For any cancellation of seats made after purchasing will charge Full amount. But if there is cancellation with the flight operator we will refund you according to the refund policy.


Speed boat Booking


For any cancellation of seats made after purchasing will charge 100% per ticket and Private speed boat will charge 100%. For any compline please download the refund form and submit us we will try our best to resolve this.


Ferry boat Booking


For any cancellation of seats made after purchasing will charge USD5 per ticket and Private speed boat will charge 100% .Refunding the balance amount will take minimum 20 days. for any ticket refund, a refund application form which can be download from the website ( need to be filled and forwarded to the email with all relevant documents.


PCR Test Terms and Conditions 

*All Tests will be done according to government regulations and HPA guidelines. All positive reports will be submitted to Concern authorities.

*The PCR test result will be issue according to our Laboratory testing capacity mostly within 6 to 24 hours of time frame.

*PCR test will be taken on mention destinations, other destinations will be charged extra due to transfer to island or resorts.

If any cancellation there will be 20% refund charge.

*Before Making the appointment kindly make sure you have the time for PCR test to departure flight.

*All split stay hotels required PCR tests and we provide the test according to your destination with an extra charge of the transfer of our staff and PCR sample to our laboratory.



PCR terms
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