Maldives Speed Boat Transportation 

One of Gulf Craft's most successful model range is the Touring boat range, meant to serve passenger transportation needs. The Touring boat range consists of the Touring 36 and Touring 40. These crafts are popular as charter vessels across the UAE, Oman, Maldives, Africa, and wider Middle East region. Our facility in Maldives also produce an extensive range of touring which also consists of Touring 43 and 


Speed : 33Kn to 55Kn/hour

Capacity : 22 to 36 passangers 

Fule: petrol & Diesel

Price : 1 knm - 135/-


what is transfer fee in Maldives ?

Average price for shared airport transfers is USD 35++ to USD 195 per adult and estimated average 40% discount per child, per way. Shared transfers may mean that you need to wait for other guests to clear the airport.

Private airport transfers are available at USD 95++ to USD1500 per Boat per way.
To reconfirm your transfers, please click here to pre-register your stay with us.

Due to COVID-19 Transfer might be not available of lock down the resort you need to check before booking the resort.

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