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Private Speed Boats To Resorts and Local Islands

Private Speed Boat or fast Boat is a trending Mode of tourist Transfer to Maldives resorts. you will find the list of location with us, if you could not find the location please contact here


Also due to COVID 19 situation for social distancing practice, this would be the main reason of Hire or renting speed boat. It means no waiting at the airport compared to scheduled speed Boats which have to wait for the last tourist to arrive from an international different flight which is listed on the same boat you are going. 

Speed Boat Transfer in Maldives.

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Speed Boat transfer Is the most convenient way to travel between islands, from Airport to island -resort  or to local island.

There are several types of speed boat tranfers:

Ferry Speedboat :

Its scheduled speed boat to some local islands, going regularly  several times in a week , sometimes 2-3 times in a day and  quite cheap. This type of scheduled transfer supposed to be booked in advance to not loose your seat.   Price range from 30  to 110 $ per person 1 way

Shared SpeedBoat :

Normally organized by resort and  can be booked along with accommodation booking.

The timing normally will be arranged according to international flights arrival and departures, however as its shared boat passengers should be await for all guests to come to the boat.  Price range from 65 to 220$ per person 1 way.

Private Speed boat:

Its speedboat can be arranged at the requested time and only for individual passengers.

Private speed boat doesn’t mean luxury boat, it can be a standard boat ( 10, 15, or 20 seaters)

Very fast and comfortable. This type of transfer good for groups of people, families, or guests who would not like to waste the time by awaiting another passenger. However private speed boat transfers quite expensive,  especially for longer destinations. So it will be more reasonable for groups and for couples or single travelers its better to take a private transfer to closer locations like Paradise, Bandos, Centara Ras Fushi, and others.

Private speed boat also will be necessary for connecting transfer between 2 resorts or local islands,

It will economize time and expenses ( in case if islands not far from each other).

Please note,  there is no law in the Maldives that restrict guest to book their own transfer with another provider rather than a resort, however, some resorts have their own policy that restricted to come by other transfers, in this case, all responsibility will be taken by guests, they have to negotiate with the resort in advance if they want to come with private transfer organized by other providers.

The Price range starting from 65 $ to 1200$ per 1 way charter per boat. Boat size and passenger quantities do matter.

The most often question that we have to answer: why transfer in Maldives so expancive?

Fist of all because of fuel cost, its very high in Maldives and that’s the main reason. Also Capain and Crew salary quite high. Another reason boat price. As we trying to provide only high quality speed boats with good engine it will be expansive . Approximate cost of standard gulfcraft around 150 000  to 260 000$.

Maldives Transfer to resorts and hotels is different as we are located with many islands and its different than other countries.One island one resort concept the transfer to these islands are only by cruise or fly from Male International Airport. The mode of transfer in Maldives resorts is seaplane,Speeboat,Domestic flight and Luxuryyachts.

Speed Boat private Transfer

Please note its not possible to book any speed boat on arrival or catch it like a taxi , because all bookings should be made in advance. If you think you can arrive to Maldives and go along the harbor to find some free speed boats to negotiate with the captain to bring you to resort or local island – its not possible. In worst case you might get high price or stuck on the way with broken engine.


Another important point that you should remember about  sea transfer its weather conditions.

All sea transfers including sea plane depends on weather conditions, only domestic flight can travel during bad weather. In this case if your island located very far  and your flight next morning you have to come back 1 day before in order to avoid risk or cancelled transfer due to bad weather.

If transfer was cancelled due to bad weather that’s mean there is real risk for passengers life and  you should not try to take any other change by trying to hire another boat!

what is the speedboat Transfer update on covid 19  currently in Maldives in 2021?

During Covid 19 situation  many destination of scheduled speed boat transfers was stopped they transfers, other have constant changes with the schedule. Because of that we kindly asking you double check before to book scheduled transfer whats the current situation.

Private transfer always better option to travel due to Covid risk.

Current situation in Maldives on 24th May 2021

Total cases  55,924

Recovered  32,322

Death 129

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