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How to Choose Maldives Transfer (Year 2020)

To choose the best mode of Maldives Transfer all is depend on locations of your hotel or island. weather it is Speedboat,seaplane or domestic plane. Most popular mode of transfer is Speedboat which half of the Maldives resorts can be transferred within 10 minutes to 4 hours range of time. Seaplane and Domestic plane is the 4 time faster than speedboat eg : 1 hour 30 minutes can be shorten to 22 minutes by seaplane.

The Average price of transfer to hotels $30 to $195 by speedboat , $265 to $450 by seaplane and $110 to $285 by domestic plane per way per person on combined Transfer or schedule transfer only Private hire or charter will be a different price , check the full details below

 Maldives Transfer Type comparison Details update year 2020

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