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what is public slow dhoni transfer?

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Public ferry or Slow dhoni Transfer is the cheapest of All transfer mode type in Maldives.Ferry price range between $5 to 30 USD per person per one way from male city to selected local island in Maldives. This ferry system don't provide schedule to Maldives resorts but only local islands. The slow ferry dhoni is much slower than 3 time compared to speedboat : eg 30 minute speedboat can be done by dhoni 1 hour 30 minutes.

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Basic Technical Details of Dhoni

Speed : 12 Kn to 20 Kn/hour

Capacity : 50 to 100 passengers 

Fule:  Diesel

Engine : Yanma

Average length : 60 feet.

What is a public ferry and How do Public ferry dhoni look like ?

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Public ferry is operated by government base company MTCC ( website)  for the local people around Maldives island which only connected to local islands. This mode of transfer is the oldest type in Maldives which had been operating for more than 20 years.


Dhoni or Doni (pronounced Dōni) is a multi-purpose sail boat with a motor or lateen sails that is used in the Maldives. It is handcrafted and its use within the multi-island nation has been very important. A dhoni resembles a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel.


The traditional dhoni is one of the oldest known sea vessels in the Maldives. Many of these traditional sailing vessels were, of necessity, built using coconut palm timber. The sailing dhoni was used in earlier days by Maldivian fishermen. During the industrial revolution many fisherman changed to a mechanized dhoni.

Maldives ferry Booking

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Booking a Public ferry can be made direct at the ferry counter in Male city and public ferry cannot be booked online.


If you need advance booking you need to connect your local guest house or hotel to reserve the ticket this could be an extra charge from the guest house as a service As most of the ferries might be fully booked due to local people demands.


Atoll transfer could help you to book the seats for a fee agreed between the guest kindly email to 

Mldives Public Ferry terminal

Maldives ferry schedules

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Public ferries will be operated to certain Atoll and islands which is North Male Atoll, South Male Atoll. North Alif Atoll, Vaavu Atoll And South Alif Atoll area.


Important there is no public ferry to any resort in Maldives. But some guest houses in local island can be manage by public ferries, Due to schedule arrange by government mostly 3 to 4  times a week and one shuttle this will be very hard to manage for tourists.


Ferries run infrequently and there will be lots of cancellations due to bad weather conditions this would be not ideal way for tourist transfer. 

please note few public ferry connecting to Male City

List of islands connected by Male city and inter atoll ferry islands.

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List of islands connected by Male city and inter atoll ferry islands.

Male Atoll North and South Area island ferry Routes

  • Maafushi island

  • Thulusdhoo island

  • Guraidhoo island

  • Gulhi island

  • Himmafushi island

  • Huraa island

  • Dhiffushi island

  • Kaashidhoo island

  • Gaafaru island

  • Rasdhoo island

  • Ukulhas island

  • Mathiveri island

  • Bodufulhadhoo island

  • Thoddoo island

  • Himandhoo island

  • Feridhoo island

  • Maalhos island

  • Thoddoo Island

  • Rakeedhoo island

  • Keyodhoo island

  • Felidhoo island

  • Thinadhoo island

  • Fulidhoo island

  • Maafushi island

  • Mandhoo island

  • Kunburudhoo island

  • Mahibadhoo island

  • Hangnaameedhoo island

  • Omadhoo island

  • Fenfushi island ( inter connect )

  • Maamigili island ( inter connect )

  • Dhihdhoo island ( inter connect )

  • Dhigurah island ( inter connect )

  • Dhangethi island ( inter connect )

List of of Atolls inter atoll ferry to islands. ( do not connect to Male City)

  • Baa Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Dhaal Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Faafu Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Meemu Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Noonu Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Shaviyani Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Haa Dhaal Atoll  Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Haa Alif Atoll Ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Raa Atoll ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

  • Lhaviyani Atoll ferry ( only inter atoll ferry )

Upper north Province ferry Upgrade to Fast ferry or Speedboat by 2022 please check schedule.

Maldives north island Public ferry map
Public transfer ferry Maldives

Below ferry recently stop ( updates 2021 year) due to Covid reasons scheduled will be subject to change. please contact us for information

401 Dhiggaru - Naalaafushi

402 Dhiggaru -Kolhufushi-Monday

402 Dhiggaru - Kolhufushi-Every Thursday

403 Kolhufushi-Mulhi

404  Feeali - Nilandhoo

405 Meedhoo-Kudhahuvadhoo

407 Nilandhoo-Meedhoo

406  Meedhoo-Kudhahuvadhoo

Maldives public ferry Map

Getting Around Maldives

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Public ferry from Male city runs 4 times a week to some island in Male and Alif atoll.


Most of the public ferries in Maldives are inter atoll ferries ( ferries within the Atoll )


for example : there is no public ferry to Baa Atoll from Male city. But inside baa atoll there will be inter atoll ferry connection to local island each other but runs one time a day . 

What you need to know Before choosing a slow Ferry Boat ( updated on June 2021)

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  • Public ferry will not go to any resorts in Maldives but only local islands

  • Guest houses and hotel located in local island can be transfer by public ferries.

  • Maldives public ferry transportation is Most cheaper than all other type of Transfer mode. 

  • All Public ferry terminal is located in Male city. To public ferry port by taxi will take 15 minutes.

  • All public ferry operate during day time. 

  • Toilets are available in public ferries.

  • Sea sickness probability is high in public ferry due to smell, bad weather conditions. Must be prepared for it.


  • No business class or premium seats available at public ferry.

  • Public Ferry Baggage allowance per pax is 2  luggage and hand bag .extra bagged chargeable ( updated on August 2020)

  • Hiring private dhoni or boat will be not cheaper. Good for group of 40 to 100 pax transfer and ideal for excursions like snorkeling , sand bank trips etc...

  • Public ferry operate from Male city only Inter atoll ferry will not be connecting to Male city.

  • No air conditioning public ferry but will be comfort with natural breez and wind while on run. 

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