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Maldives PCR test for Departure is mandatory by the airlines which have to submit the Negative PCR before departure to your country. we provide the PCR test for private medical officers and from Male international airport and local islands in Maldives.

why with us and benefits PCR test In Maldives

  • For PCR test we send our medical staff to your hotel Time saving due to big ques in hospitals and medical facilities.

  • We have premium PCR test results. within 6 hours the test result will be given or email.

  • Secure and convenient service.

  • Providing medical officer to your destination, a long-distance extra charge will apply for transfer of medical staff by boat.

  • Due to Many providers' last-minute PCR test might be overcharged, it better o book online in pre-order the service.

  • Some Resorts will charge more than 100 USD to avoid the overcharge book your cheper PCR test with us.

what are the price of PCR test in Maldives?

Maldives PCR test price from 65 to 78USD per person. Normal PCR test the result will be given within 24 hours and there will be a premium one which result will be given within 6 hours. please note all the PCR test result is registered on a portable with a QR code. 


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