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Maldives PCR Test Booking

Order Online and we will take care the rest of your PCR report in Maldives 2022 and 2023 Year.

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Maldives PCR test for Departure is mandatory by the airlines which have to submit the Negative PCR before departure to your country. we provide the PCR test for private medical officers and from Male international airport and local islands in Maldives.

why with us and benefits PCR test In Maldives

  • For PCR test we send our medical staff to your hotel Time saving due to big ques in hospitals and medical facilities.

  • We have premium PCR test results. within 12 hours the test result will be given or email.

  • Secure and convenient service.

  • Providing medical officer to your destination, a long-distance extra charge will apply for transfer of medical staff by boat.

  • Due to Many providers' last-minute PCR test might be overcharged, it better o book online in pre-order the service.

  • Some Resorts will charge more than 100 USD to avoid the overcharge book your cheper PCR test with us.

what are the price of RTPCR test in Maldives?

Maldives RTPCR test price from 55 to 60 and 90USD per person. Normal RTPCR test the result will be given within 12 hours and there will be a premium one which result will be given within 2 hours. please note all the PCR test result is registered on a portable with a QR code. We do antigen, repid testing withing 15 mint.

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Where to do PCR test in Maldives 2021/2022?

The Maldives government had announced 13 laboratories that had given permits for PCR testing. The resorts and some hotels have in-house medical staff to collect the sample and these samples will be delivered to one of laboratory. They should have QR code with online portal registration record. Due to the Transfer and delivery of samples mostly it will take 24 hours for the result. The cost of delivery sample will be top-up to PCR price in most of the resorts in Maldives due to this reason some resorts PCR test charges are 150 to 300 USD per person. But to minimize this cost better book online and do the test in Male area and Airport before 24 hours to get the result.

1. IGM ( government main hospital )  location Male city 

2-Forisic laboratory Maldives Police service location Male City

3- Hulhumale Hospital Location Hulhumale city

4-Addu Hospital south Addu Atoll

5-Kulhudhufushi Hospital North of Maldives Haa Dhaal Atoll island Kulhudhufushi

6-Dharavandhoo Helth center location Baa Atoll Dharavandhoo

7-ADK hospital location Male City 

8-Tree top Hospital Male City

9-Medlab Male City

10-Mediflex Male city

11-Maafaru PCR lab location Maafaru Airport

Note : visiting Hospital is risky due to covid situation currently in Maldives. Hospitals are with big ques and waiting long hours would be not convinient. best option is book a PCR medical staff to your hotel in Male area.

Maldives PCR test departure 2022 and 2023

The Health Protection Agency in Maldives has made it a mandatory requirement for all tourists to present a Negative result (PCR test) for Covid-19 on arrival effective sep 2020. 

If a tourist has stayed a tourist Facility during their stay in Maldives, they are required to conduct a PCR test 72hrs prior to their scheduled departure from Maldives.

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Do I have to make a booking before I come Maldives islands 2021 and 2022 year?

You must have a confirmed booking and and hotel voucher at a registered tourist facility Kindly note Airbnb some home stay in Maldives islands is not yet allowed to stay by tourist in government law but some tourist make other hotel bookings and they stay on these facilities.


for tourists Holiday requirements please check the immigration requirement here

Is it required to test for COVID-19 on arrival day to Male International Airport 2021 ansd 2022?

On arrival at immigration of Maldives airport No need to test. But only those who have COVID symptoms such as high temperature above 38 degrees, sneezing and coughing will be brought to test for COVID 19.

On departure and Arrival the process for completing the Traveller Health Declaration Form 2021 and 2022 ?

The passenger has to fill the Traveller Health Declaration form travelling to and from Maldives, within 24 hours prior to their travel. The form can be fill online via IMUGA and its submitted electronically.

We are the only laboratory which provide the 2 to 3 hours RTPCR service in Maldives. The super express RTPCR testing price start from 120 to 160 per person. The test result will be email within minimum 2 to 3 hours after the machine process. 

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