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On arrival and departure from Maldives, after or before long hours of flying there is now a place you don't have to wait endlessly for formalities. Our Corporate Import people or CIP services are offered for those who yearn for the perfect luxury service. The 75 seat capacity Maamahi Executive Lounge is a well-appointed lounge blended with modern materials to create a relaxing and soothing environment succinctly to give you a place for your comfort.

- Receive CIPs when disembarking from the aircraft at the steps/gate 
- Escort to CIP lounge by CIP vehicle, if the aircraft is parked far from the CIP terminal. 
- Handle passports of CIPs for immigration clearance. 
- Clear CIPs baggage at belt and deliver to designated sea/land transport 
- Escort CIPs to their designated transport. 
- Receive CIPs from the jetty and escort to CIP lounge 
- Receive baggage and process for check-in 
- Handle passports of CIPs for immigration clearance 
- Escort to aircraft by CIP vehicle, if the aircraft is parked far from the CIP terminal 
- First Aid Service (all the First Aid charges will be compensated by passenger) & Emergencies (ambulance, wheelchair, stretcher). 
- Aircraft security, on request (Will be charged separately) 
- Refreshments (coffee, tea, juice, snacks, etc.. on request) 
Note: Other services such as baby sitting, computers, laptops, cameras, special catering etc may be provided on available basis or request. 

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