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Maldives Airport Currency Exchange
and Local data sim cards

Buy and exchange Maldives currency at the best Market rate securely.

Our securely, satisfactory and most speedy currency exchange in Maldives airport will meet your expectation.The service will be available pre booking online and on spot exchange at the Male International Airport.

why with us and benefits

  • Get the Best Market rate

  • efficient and quick exchange procedures 

  • Secure 

  • Avoid Overcharge to you from tour guide at airport

  • Maldives service and goods can be cheaper if you have Maldives currency. eg taxi charge 75 mrf to Male city which is 4.86 USD but the taxi drivers will charge 5 ot 6 USD as drivers or shop will not give you change by coins which is the balance and sometimes overcharge by exchange rate .

  • more benefits and cheaper prices for goods and services when you traveling to Local island hotels if you have Maldivian currency.

  • Maldives data sim cards for internet service is the idel way as most of the resorts and hotel have slow internet due to many user in the hotel , better to have a sim data sim card.

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